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Doppler arterial studies are considered reimbursable under the following CPT codes when performed using a bi-directional Doppler that provides a hard-copy waveform printout:




The CPT guidelines for reimbursement of vascular diagnostic studies is published annually by the AMA.

Koven noninvasive Doppler models Smartdop® 45, Smartdop® 30EX, Smartdop® XT, Smartdop® XT6, Bidop®3* and Bidop®7* conform to current reimbursement guidelines when used as directed.

(* Bidop 3 and Bidop 7 conform to reimbursement guidelines when used with Smart-V-Link® Software)

Additional information about CPT reimbursement and local coverage determinations can be found on the following websites:

CPT® reimbursement amounts lookup by state


CMS LCD database


CMS ICD-10 code lookup


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