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Smartdop® XT

Vascular Testing System

Smartdop XT Vascular Testing System

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The Smartdop® XT is Koven’s most advanced vascular testing system. With 14 inflation ports, a simple one-button start, and dual side cuff inflation, the Smartdop® XT can perform rapid bilateral, multiple level vascular studies. Integrated pulse volume and Doppler, PPG (photoplethysmography) & temperature probes enable a wide variety of arterial and venous studies for the evaluation and management of vascular disease.

  • Comprehensive vascular testing system with both Doppler and automatic testing capabilities
  • 14 inflation ports and dual-sided cuff inflation for rapid bilateral multiple level arterial studies
  • Built-in pulse volume capabilities
  • Windows based Smart-XT-Link software creates easy to read test reports and PDF & DICOM® compatible files that can be integrated into your facility's EHR or PACS system
  • Doppler arterial studies conform to current reimbursement guidelines when performed as directed (CPT 93922, 93923 & 93924)

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Vascular Testing Capabilities
  • Ankle Brachial Index Studies
  • PPG Toe Pressures & Toe Brachial Index
  • Upper & Lower Extremity Segmental Pressures
  • Pulse Volume Arterial
  • Post Exercise Arterial Studies
  • Venous Reflux, Maximum Venous Outflow & Venous Compressions
  • Foot Temperatures for hot spot detection
  • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
System Includes
  • Smartdop® XT Doppler
  • Smart-XT-Link Vascular Software
  • Cart
  • Touchscreen computer with keyboard and mouse
  • 2 PPG probes & toe clips
  • 1 Doppler Probe
  • 1 Temperature Probe
  • 14 vascular cuffs & tubing

* Not all system components are pictured above

Optional PAUS software is available to automatically forward Smart-XT-Link DICOM® files to your PACs or DICOM® compatible system

Sample Testing Screens   (Click image to enlarge)
Ankle Brachial Index Screen
Ankle Brachial Index
Segmental Pressures Screen
Segmental Pressures
Arterial Exercise Test Screen
Post Exercise Arterial Stress Tests
Venous Reflux Test Screen
Venous Reflux
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