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Post-Exercise Arterial
Stress Test

The post exercise arterial stress test measures systolic pressures at specified time intervals following physical exercise to determine the amount of time required for systolic pressures to return to baseline following induced stress. It is used to identify, and determine the severity of, lower limb obstructions.

Prior to exercise, an Ankle Brachial Index is performed to establish the baseline ABI. After taking the ABI, the patient is asked to exercise on a treademill until the onset of claudication.

Following exercise, ABI's are taken at specified time intervals until the ABI returns to the baseline ratio.


According to current CPT guidelines, arterial exercise studies are considered reimbursable when performed using a bidirectional Doppler that provides a hard-copy waveform printout. Koven's Smartdop® XT Vascular Testing System performs arterial exercise exams which conform to current reimbursement guidelines when used as directed.

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