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Got an idea for a new product? Koven is always interested in finding ways to improve patient care through new and innovative products. We’d love to partner with you to help get your new product to the millions of patients worldwide who could benefit from it.

Why partner with Koven?

  • Koven can help you protect your idea
  • Koven will evalulate your idea for practicality and innovation
  • Koven has the knowledge and expertise to help you develop your concept into a functional product
  • Koven is an ISO 13485 certified company with expert knowledge in regulatory requirements and processes necessary for bringing a new product to the healthcare market
  • Koven will share with you the financial benefits of bringing our new product to market

To submit a new product idea for Koven partnership consideration, download and complete the Agreement Form and email to [email protected].  All submissions are held in strict confidentiality. 

If you prefer fee for service product development work, Koven also offers engineering and commericialization services to help you bring your idea to market.  Visit

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