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Doppler Volume Flowmeter

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DVM-4500 Doppler Volume Flowmeter

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The DVM-4500 is a Doppler Volume Flowmeter that provides accurate assessment of vessel patency by enabling precise vessel diameter input within 1/10 of a millimeter for more accurate flow measurements. It features a large color touchscreen operation and is available with a wide selection of interchangeable intraoperative probes.

Features & Capabilities
  • Thin bayonet style probes in fixed & flexible-tip styles provide easy access to the artery to help prevent vessel damage
  • Wide selection of interchangeable probes for user flexibility
  • Enables input of precise vessel diameter to accurately assess flow
  • Large 10 inch color touchscreen operation
  • Stores up to 30 patient waveforms and saves files into PDF and Dicom compatible formats
  • Displays waveforms in frequency analysis or continuous wave

Cautions & Indications for Use

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