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To better serve our customers, Koven Technology has partnered with Prosperity Online Learning to provide our customers with 1 year of unlimited access to our most current training and instruction materials. Our online training program will give you the tools you need to effectively operate your new Koven Doppler as well as perform arterial and venous testing across a wide range of applications.

Each training video follows a step-by-step approach from set-up through performing the study and interpreting the results.

Once the training has been completed, an on-line vascular testing skills exam may be taken for our Bidop and Smartdop brand Dopplers which provides a certificate of completion.

We currently offer online training and support materials for the following Doppler models:

  • Bidop 3
  • Smartdop 45
  • Smartdop 30EX
  • Smartdop XT
  • Smartdop XT6

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