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Since 1981, Koven Technology has been providing high quality Dopplers, and related vascular products to the medical community. In keeping with that tradition, we invite you to share your ideas for new and innovative vascular products with us. Do you have an idea for a product to minimize the risk of limb or digit amputations in diabetic patients? Or, maybe you have an idea for an improvement to an existing intraoprative procedure. Let Koven Technology be your partner to get that product to the millions of patients worldwide who could benefit from it.

Why partner with Koven?

  • Koven can help you protect your idea
  • Koven will evalulate your idea for practicality and innovation
  • Koven will share with you the financial benefits of bringing our new product to market
Become an idea partner with Koven and let us help bring your vascular solutions to life!

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