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Koven Technology Canada is the manufacturer of high quality vascular Dopplers for the evaluation of peripheral vascular disease. Since 2003, Koven has been serving the needs of the Canadian vascular community by delivering the highest quality vascular Dopplers and related products.

Koven ultrasound vascular Dopplers are widely used for noninvasive evaluation of peripheral vascular disease and a wide variety of intraoperative procedures.

Koven is committed to delivering safe and effective medical devices to improve patient care and the efficiency of your practice.

Noninvasive Vascular Dopplers
Noninvasive Vascular Dopplers

Noninvasive Vascular Dopplers for the diagnosis and monitoring of Peripheral Vascular Disease

Dopplers for the OR
Surgical Dopplers & Probes for the OR

Surgical Dopplers and probes for a wide variety of intraoperative procedures

Fetal Dopplers
Fetal Dopplers

Fetal Dopplers for fetal heart rate detection and monitoring

Doppler Accessories

From our unique and innovative FAST sphyg to vascular cuffs, ultrasonic gel, and Doppler rollcarts, Koven has a wide variety of accessories to complement your Doppler.

Peripheral Arterial Disease
Peripheral Vascular Disease

Koven provides a wide variety of vascular Dopplers and Testing Systems for the early diagnosis and management of Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD).

Learn more about Peripheral Vascular Disease and vascular testing.

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