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Smartdop™ XT
Vascular Testing System

Our Newest Version! Now with Even More Testing Capabilities!

  • Single Button automated operation for ABI's, TBI's, and PVR Segmental Pressure studies
  • 14 inflation ports allow you to rapidly perform bilateral multiple level segmental pressures in minutes
  • Smart-XT-Link software creates PDF & DICOM compatible files that easily integrate into your facility's EHR or PACS system
  • Doppler probe enables Doppler arterial testing
  • Temperature probe for detection of hot spots which may lead to the development of ulcers
Indications & Cautions

Vascular Testing

System Includes

  • Smartdop XT Doppler
  • Smart-XT-Link Vascular Software
  • Cart
  • Touchscreen computer with keyboard and mouse
  • 2 PPG probes
  • 1 Doppler probe
  • 1 Temperature probe
  • 14 vascular cuffs & tubing

* Not all system components are pictured above

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