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Koven Technology, Inc. is the exclusive supplier of Koven Hadeco Vascular Dopplers in the US and Canada. We pioneered the Koven Hadeco trademark brand Dopplers, developed according to our requirements and have worked to develop a wide variety of vascular, fetal and intraoperative Dopplers. Since 1981, Our goal has been to deliver safe and effective medical devices to improve patient care and the efficiency of your practice.

Over the years, Koven has developed an outstanding reputation for providing durable, reliable Doppler systems. In 2003 we opened our Canadian subsidiary Koven Technology Canada Inc. We are constantly working to improve our existing products and develop new technology to better meet the needs of our customers.

Koven Technology is dedicated to the early diagnosis and management of peripheral arterial disease (PAD). We know that early diagnosis means a higher probability for limb and digit survival. We provide a wide range of Vascular Dopplers for vascular studies including ABI's, Segmental Pressures, PPG Toe Pressures, and Pulse Volume Arterial Waveforms (PVR's). Koven Technology's Dopplers for the OR have been designed to accept a wide variety of interchangeable probes for performing Vascular, Cardiovascular, Laparscopic, Plastic & Reconstructive, and Neurovascular intraoperative procedures. Our Intraoperative Probes are validated for a wide selection of sterilization options including Sterrad, Steris V-Pro, Sterizone and Autoclave. Single-use pre-sterile probes are also available for user convenience. Browse our "For the OR" section for more information.

From manufacturing processes to integration into your facility, learn how Koven is working to help to keep the planet green.

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