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Koven Ultrasound Doppler Accessories

Doppler Rollcarts
Secures Doppler to a mobile cart for convenience and accessibility.

Model CT-1 for use with Bidop® 3, ES-100VX MiniDoppler®, ES-100X MiniDop® and

Model CT-2 for use with HD-307 Doppler and Smartdop® 45

Model CT-4 for use with DVM-4500 Volume Flowmeter
Doppler Rollcart (CT-6) [for clinic use]
Holds the Doppler, laptop and accessories for convenient vascular testing using Koven's vascular software and a compatible Koven Doppler. For use with Smartdop® XT6, Smartdop® 30EX, Smartdop® 45, or Bidop® 3
FAST Sphyg
Aneroid sphygmomanometer with push button inflation and trigger controlled deflate mechanism. It's a cuff inflator & sphyg in 1!
Use with vascular cuffs (sold separately)
Vascular Cuffs
Latex free, reusable vascular cuffs for upper & lower extremity systolic pressures, penile pressures and digits.

UDC 1.6 (1.6 cm)
UDC 1.9 (1.9 cm)
UDC 2.5 (2.5 cm)
VC 7.5H (7.5 cm)
VC 10H (10 cm)
VC 12H (12 cm)
CC 17 (17 cm)
CC 22 (22 cm)
PPG Toe Clip
Used to secure the PPG Probe(s) to the great toe(s)

Doppler & Accessories Bag (CS-1)
Lightweight, padded black case with shoulder strap and handle to easily transport Doppler and accessories. Includes a separate compartment to fit a laptop computer.

Doppler Printer Paper (PA-1)
Replacement printer paper for Smartdop® Dopplers. Box of 5 rolls.
Also available in BPA Free (item# PA-2F)
Ultrasound Gel
0102 Ultrasound Gel (box of 12 tubes)
0101 Sterile Ultrasound Gel (box of 48 packets)
Footpedal Remote (FP-1)
Convenient footpedal remote control for use with ES-100X MiniDop® and HD-307 Doppler. Enables user operation without assistance or leaving the sterile field.

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